30 July niagra Falls 

I got up early at around 8 and took the car for a spin. There was very few people around so I go to take some pics of the falls. It’s so impressive. Got everyone coffee and the others for up at around 10. Got some breakfast in a all you can eat plece and the. We joined the que to get a ticket for the boat tour under niagra. Took about 1 hour. The bot tour is class they bring the boat right in under the falls and it only cost 30 dollars. After that we walked up along the falls and were thinking about jumping the fense for a class pic but in the end decided not to as we would prob get put in jail. 

We crossed the boarder back into USA with no problems and took the Senic rout back to New York. Found a lovely little rocky beach with great views of Toronto. 

The drive back was long really long but we all took turns to drive to thatd

Cave Surfing


Myself and a few mates headed down to Donegal in the hope of finding some waves at the popular surfing beach Bundoran however it was flat so we headed out the coast road. We stopped at a small secluded beach and headed out for a paddle. While paddling along the coast we noticed an opening to a small cave. We paddled into it and it opened up into the incredible cavern you can see in the picture. Surprisingly there was also a small wave you could surf through the entrance of the cave. It was a great find cant wait to head back.

It was scary at first as there were waves crashing through the entrance but ones we got through our breath was taken away. What we came upon was nothing short of spectacular. To have a cave with a accessible entrance, an opening in the roof to let light in and a beautiful beach at the bottom is extremely rare and another example of the incredible beauty of the west coast of Ireland.

I am from Sligo and did some surfing when i was younger but not nearly enough as i spent most of my time playing rugby and kayaking. When i went to uni in limerick i joined UL Surf club and started surfing loads. The club in UL is really good they have loads of gear and offer petrol subsidies to go surfing.




June 15th- Almost home

We arrive in Paris at around 2 o clock in the afternoon. This is some time in the morning back in Peru. We are an hour late but we glide through immigration without any problems and even have about an hour to look around the duty free before boarding again. There are lots of nice expensive shops in the duty free here in Charles de Gaulle. We board at 4pm local time.

Arrival is scheduled for 4.20pm local time London Heathrow. We arrive around that time we dont get off the plane for at least fifteen minutes. I was stressing so much as we have to collect our bags, go through arrivals and find the National Express bus for half five. Eventually we can get off the plane- there was some issue with connecting the plane to the terminal or something. We rush to get our bag, which come within ten minutes and run out to arrivals. We find the bus stop and have thirty minutes to spare! So so lucky! We grab some meal deals in the shop and eat before heading out to wait for the bus.

The bus is fifteen minutes late.. eating into our limited time in Gatwick to check in the big blue bag. We arrive at the south terminal at 19.15. The gate closes at 19.40 so we literally leg it to check in the bag, then onto security. Me and Paul get split up here and i continue though the duty free running like some crazy person and eventually get to gate 13. No paul. I ring him and he is only coming through duty free now as his bag got checked in security. We both queue up and breath a sigh of relief that everything has worked out. All the connections and flights have gone okay and we are so lucky. My five decades of the rosary must have helped! 

We dont get to sit together on the Ryanair flight but we should be landing in Shannon in less than thirty minutes. Mum is picking us up there so luckily we dont need to get another bus again. 

-Tips for traveling in Latin America 

Bring your student card if you have one.

If getting a night bus make surf its full cam – ie 180 degrees. You can sleep much better on them. 

Try to learn some Spanish before you go.

Bring a sleeping bag. 

Always carry valuables on the buses and dont leave them under the bus with your backpacks.

You dont need to book flights ages before had as the prices dont really go up that much. Book about a week beforehand. 

Most airlines include a bag in there price. Not viva Colombia or lattam 

Bring walking boots and a rain jacket. 

Bring a down jacket if you have one. In Bolivia and cusco it get really cold.

Always agree how mcuh for a taxi before you get it. 


Maps.me – download the maps before you go. 


Hostel world 

Translate google – download English to Spanish and then it works offline


Rome 2 rio – shows up the most buses but doesn’t have all of them 

Uber – the big cities have it 

14th June – The start of the journey home :( 

I am awake before the alarm and paul is fast asleep. We shower and paul remembers he saw a sign that you can pay in dollars. I have 25$ and he has some dollar coinc so we have 30$ total to pay for the night! The shower is electric and warm. We pack and head for breakfast at 7.15am. A simple bread and coffee breakfast gets us started then we go to reception to pay. They don’t accept the dollar coins here. We are five dollars short and have less time to get to the nearest atm which is 1.5km away. I have some Sols and the owner kindly takes our 25$ and then 10Sol on top of that. We have just enough money for a taxi to the airport. So lucky.

We arrive to the airport and check in the bags. We chat to some English people who are working with a volunteer agency helping the people affected by the floods back in March here. 90 died, over 700,000 had to be relocated and more than 1 billion worth of damage was cause to buildings roads and infrastructure. We noticed this on the bus into. Piura as the main roads were like dirt tracks. We board the flight and head for Lima.